Virtual Gilmore Season 9: It's Not Over!


Episode 9.01 "Unhitched and Unhinged"

The Gilmore Girls are back, in an all new season premiere. There are plenty of secrets in the air, as the Gilmore/Danes family gathers in celebration, some special guests come into town, and Stars Hollow plans something without Luke and Lorelai. Basically, everyone's trying to keep it together so they don't get too unhitched and unhinged.


Episode 9.02 "Cabin Fever"

The addition of the spa has the Dragonfly overflowing with guests, and Lorelai is beginning to feel the strain. Luckily there's a solution, although it may not have been her first choice! Rory's under pressure of her own as life with the newlyweds gets a little too up close and personal. Guess she's feeling a bit of cabin fever...


Episode 9.03 "Property Virgins"

Stars Hollow is on the move! After a few too many repair jobs, Lane and Zach are starting to consider a change, a decision which puts Mrs Kim on the defensive. Kirk is getting secretive about a surprising new career, and Rory is looking for an apartment, with a little help from Lorelai, Emily and a visiting April. Guess she won't be a property virgin much longer!


Episode 9.04 "War of the Words"

Hard at work or hardly working? Emily's putting in long hours at the Dragonfly, and it's causing some strain between her and Richard. Rory, however, has nothing but time, as she struggles to fill the hours alone in her new apartment. Back in Stars Hollow, Taylor starts a town contest, but he may be in for more than he bargained for once Luke and Lorelai get involved. It began as a war of words, but it has the potential to be so much more!


Episode 9.05 "Ziggy, Sawdust, and Hypothetical Racoons"

The Stars Hollow town meetings are more lively than ever, as the warfare between Taylor and the Luke gets out of control. Kirk is finding himself in over his head with the houseflipping business, and appeals to the townies for help. Rory's finally finding her footing outside of Stars Hollow as more articles get accepted and she makes a new friend. In all this excitement surely someone will mention Ziggy, Sawdust, and Hypothetical Raccoons?


Episode 9.06 "It's All About the Timing"

Happy Birthday, Rory! As the Gilmore Girls gear up for a big birthday trip to celebrate, Richard is gearing up for a different trip all together—which would threaten Emily's job at the spa. Luke and Lorelai get ready to tackle their chances of conceiving and Rory decides to tackle her social situation in a more creative way. They'd all better do some careful planning, because life has a way of reminding us that it's all about the timing!


Episode 9.07 "Blame Canada"

So it's finally happened! Luke and Lorelai are pregnant and everyone is thrilled. It's definitely making life more exciting - between doctor appointments, trying to keep the news from the Stars Hollow gossip mill, and the ongoing feud with Taylor, they've got plenty on their hands. Good thing Rory's coming for a visit and some mother/daughter bonding. Kirk and Lulu are also spending some special time together, honeymooning in an exotic location. If they don't come back, there's only Canada to blame!


Episode 9.08 "Multiple Personalities"

Confusion is in the air in Stars Hollow and beyond, as everyone seems to be at cross purposes. Rory has a neighbor who may be a ninja and seems to be popping up everywhere she goes. Lorelai's raging pregnancy hormones have gotten the better of her, much to her embarrassment, and when Luke tells a story of one of these events to an unlikely person, all is not well in Whoville. And Emily is just as persistent as ever in her newest endeavor: baby shopping. With all these multiple personalities, maybe it's time for the swhole lot to be carted away by the big guys with the butterfly nets.


Episode 9.09 "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Catastrophe"

Christmas is in the air and the festive season is bringing its own surprises. Rory gets an unexpected invitation from Tess, April has some changes that may keep her in Stars Hollow for a while, and Luke has yet another clash with Taylor. Over at the inn, things are similarly exciting, with the spa offering an entire themed holidays package. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned - between Lorelai's over scheduling of the season, Michel's spa-testing, and a fight between the girls, it's beginning to look a lot like catastrophe! But hey, there are always apple tarts, and if we know our Gilmores, it's sure to turn out well in the end.


Episode 9.10 "Dates, Baits, and Movie Greats"

The Gilmores' New Year's resolutions must have included trying to get along with each other, because this week is all about the bonding time. Luke and Richard plan a special trip together, and in their absence Emily and Lorelai decide to have some quality mother/daughter time. It seems like a recipe for disaster, but when Dr Zhivago is involved, how can it go wrong? One person who is definitely dealing with disasters is Rory, as she struggles through one bad date after another. Her woo-ing isn't going to plan, but she's soldiering on. It's an episode packed with dates, baits and movies greats, and we don't think you'll be disappointed!


Episode 9.11 "Nothing Says Funny Like a Funeral"

The elder Gilmores face the death of someone from their past, and attending the funeral causes Richard to contemplate his life plan. Meanwhile, Lorelai runs into an old flame and April and Rory have a sisters' night in. Over at the Dragonfly, love is in the air as Michel tries to give another chance. The only problem is, he isn't the only local person using the site. Will it be true love or a huge disaster? Either way, there's sure to be some laughs; after all, nothing says funny like a funeral!


Episode 9.12 "Crash, Bang, Boom!

The week starts off with a bang, literally, as Rory runs into a bit of trouble. It's only the beginning of a pretty rough time for her, as her money issues come to a head and everyone in her family is all up in her business about it. Life's a little brighter in Stars Hollow, as Liz and TJ show up with Doula in tow, and Hep Alien take to the stage once more. Strap yourself in for some crash, bang, boom because it's gonna be a wild ride!


Episode 9.13 "Paying the Price

Subterfuge is the name of the game in Stars Hollow these days, and even the newest resident is getting in on the act. Rory sacrifices a Saturday to pay her debt to society, and finds that opportunities can crop up in the strangest places. Lorelai is making the most of playing the pregnancy card, only to find that it doesn? work with one member of the family. As for the townies, a whole lot of money is changing hands and you may be shocked to find out who could end up paying the price.


Episode 9.14 "Food for Thought"

Proving that even Hartford can be a small town, word of Rory's run-in at traffic school has reached her grandparents. The question is, will they manage not to intervene? A better source of advice comes in the form of a phonecall from an old friend. While Rory is busy making decisions, Lorelai has picked up a new hobby, which is making both Luke and Sookie very nervous. Luke, however, has problems of his own to worry about, as Anna finally makes plans to come back to Connecticut, giving him plenty of food for thought.


Episode 9.15 "The Pros and Cons of the Winds of Change"

This week it's the Gilmore Girls' turn to exercise a little free will. Rory's weighing job possibilities and Lorelai and Luke are discussing options for the baby's birth. It may be pregnancy hormones or just two very stubborn people butting heads, but it looks like there's some trouble in paradise. At least they don't need a mediator, which is more than we can say for Luke and Anna. Cue the pro/con lists, because the winds of change are whirling quickly into town and some decisions just have to get made!


Episode 9.16 "Oh, Bee-Have!"

We'll just go ahead and spell it out for you - St. Patrick's Day in Stars Hollow is normally filled with green snow, dancing leprechauns, and beer, but this year, Taylor has other plans. Lorelai is disappointed, but, as usual, Taylor is getting his own way, so all the Gilmore-Danes crew is soon on board. Rory's got a busy week as she starts her new job, but that doesn't stop her making a trip back home to participate, armed with embarrassing first day of work stories to boot. Between IQ tests, cookie overload, and a little rule-breaking, it just might make you tell someone - oh, bee-have!


Episode 9.17 "Vested Interests"

Rory is getting into the swing of things at work and her most recent assignment has her thinking hard about her relationship with her father. Chris and Rory might be far apart, but a different father/daughter pair is suddenly spending more time together, as Richard asks for Lorelai's help on a project. She may be feeling a bit closer to her dad, but Lorelai's putting some distance between her and Luke. With a little research, hopefully her loving husband can figure out the problem. After all, he does have a vested interest in the outcome.


Episode 9.18 "How Do You Say Unsettled in Swahili?"

It's a busy week in the Hollow, as Lorelai's due date grows closer and she and Luke try to fit in a bit of househunting before the big day. The tight timeline causes tension between the elder Gilmores, as Emily takes on extra duties at work, helping to prepare the inn for her daughter's absence. Elsewhere, Rory's dealing with a completely different kind of tension, as her most recent online date seems to actually go well. Sookie and Jackson have romantic plans of their own, too bad they just keep getting derailed! Everything's a little bit out of whack, but can someone tell us, how do you say unsettled in Swahili?


Episode 9.19 "Something Old, Something New, Something Black, and Something Blue"

At the Dragonfly, plans to cover Lorelai's duties are finally going into overdrive. The discussion of such important decisions leads to exactly what you would expect - sniping and arguments amongst the staff. Thankfully, the atmosphere elsewhere is a little lighter, as romance is in the air! Two of Stars Hollow's finest are going on their very first date, and farther afield, Paris and Doyle's big day is upon them. Of course Rory has her Maid of Honor duties to think of, but a favor she does for Kevin threatens to derail her best laid plans. Whatever happens, we promise you something old, something new, something black and something blue!


Episode 9.20 "Strange Bedfellows"

Kevin spends most of his time this week apologizing, feeling terrible for his role in Rory's accident. Her eye has faded to a lovely bruise, but the teasing comments from work and friends are only getting worse, causing her no small amount of irritation. She isn't the only one out of sorts, Lorelai has been ordered on bedrest, and seems to be annoying, or getting annoyed by, everyone she comes into contact with. Luke is stressed keeping up with her constant demands, so April steps in, but she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Finally, help and company comes from an unlikely source, as Lorelai entertains yet another strange bedfellow.


Episode 9.21 "Baby Danes's First Day... Ever"

This is the big one! With Baby Danes about to make an appearance, hijinks abound from the Hollow to the hospital. Luke and Lorelai are otherwise occupied, leaving Rory and April to handle everything from cell phones to CDs to junk food runs. The town gossips go to new heights - and distances! - to get the scoop, while Hep Alien makes their own special "delivery." Meanwhile, Richard and Emily may be MIA, but Jimmy, Paul, and a couple of Barrys make an appearance. It's a little on the wacky side, but we wouldn't want it any other way when it's Baby Danes's first day... well, EVER!


Episode 9.22 "To Larry Wong: Thanks for Everything"

The newest addition to the Danes/Gilmore clan is proving popular with everyone as Luke and Lorelai bring little Ellie home to Stars Hollow. In fact, some of the residents are perhaps a bit too interested; surely you shouldn't have to deal with paparazzi when you're only a few weeks old? Richard and Emily are concerned for their new granddaughter's future, while Rory's concentrating on her little sister's life in order to avoid complications in her own. In addition to dodging townies and changing diapers, sad news at the diner means that Luke is saying goodbye (and thanks for everything) to a familiar face.