Virtual Gilmore Season 10: It's Not Over!


Episode 10.01 "Let's Go Fly a Kite"

Taylor's got a festival idea that should blow the town away, if his plan doesn't fall flat instead. Elsewhere, Rory and Kevin struggle to put a label on their cloudy relationship, and Luke and Lorelai make plans involving their sudden windfall from Larry Wong. Throw in an uncharacteristic warm front from Paris, and all of Stars Hollow just may be flying a kite...


Episode 10.02 "If You Like Pina Coladas and Getting Caught"

Things with Rory and Kevin are beginning to heat up, but Tess isn't very happy with the temperature. Stars Hollow isn't too comfortable either, as Andrew and Gypsy manage to showcase their relationship just a little too much. And back at the Gilmore homestead, both Luke and Lorelai are making decisions without each other. It's a week to let it all hang out, that is as long as you like Pina Coladas and getting caught!


Episode 10.03 "On the Road Again"

The road ahead is a bit bumpy for Lorelai as she adjusts to working again, and to Emily-enforced staff meetings! Luke encounters a speed bump of his own in the form of a daughter with a license to drive. And all systems are go for Rory and Lane as they find successes that are most deserving. Perhaps we may even find a certain group on the road again.


Episode 10.04 "Here's Tweetin' At You, Kid"

Ellie's a little under the weather, which is causing scheduling complications for Luke and Lorelai, but that isn't the only change in the air. Luke's looking at a surprising potential employee, someone other than Rory has noticed Kevin's charms, and Richard's found a whole new way to communicate with the younger generation. Hey, here's Tweetin' at you, kid!


Episode 10.05 "Swingers & Shackers"

Rory and Kevin are bustin' a move, Luke and Lorelai are getting into the swing of things, Kirk has some news that will really have people twisting, and Taylorís up to something thatíll have Luke shouting. The mess at the Crap Shack has everyone going a little crackers. Can the residents of Stars Hollow keep up with this wild crowd of Swingers and Shackers?


Episode 10.06 "Same Crap, Different Shack"

Hey, what the crap is going in Stars Hollow?! There are two citizens missing! Time to call in Columbo? Not when the entire town is on the case! Elsewhere, Rory runs into some crap of her own, when she finally meets Kevin's parents ... and his little mentioned sister. And, as Rory realizes, this may have been for a good reason. The Danes family runs into a little snafu when Crap Shack 2.0 literally goes into the crapper, and they realize that even though it's a different shack, they may run into the same crap.


Episode 10.07 "Everybody Needs a Little Wiggle Room"

People from the past are popping up and causing lots of conflict this week, as everyone seems to be at odds. Sookie and Jackson are facing some trouble at home, Lorelai is once again butting heads with a visiting Jess, and Taylor's acting very fishy about the town budget. Good thing Miss Patty and Babette are on his case! Over in Hartford, a familiar face shows up at Roryís office and fills the entire place with dread. Jobs may be threatened, and Roryís history could put her on the front lines. Let's hope they're all flexible, because everybody needs a little wiggle room!


Episode 10.08 "With a Little Help From Your Friends"

Sometimes all you need is a little decluttering to clear the air. Lorelai and Luke are not only drowning in their unpacked boxes for the new house, but they are helping Sookie and Jackson deal with baggage of their own. Kevin's students unwittingly open a box of thoughts Rory hadn't considered, while Mrs. Kim helps Lane and Zach by carrying some of their load. The tape guns are coming out, all With a Little Help From Your Friends.


Episode 10.09 "Some Get It, Some Got It, And Some Never Will"

If you've got it, flaunt it! Someone has noticed how fabulous Rory is, and offered her a tempting new opportunity, but how much will she have to give up in order to get it? Over at the Inn, Michel is giving everyone a hard time, and Lorelai has had enough. At home, she and Luke are dealing with a different kind of tension, as busy lives and a sick baby mean they aren't getting any at all. It might not be the best time for April to show up with a surprising new development of her own. But hey, you know what they say: some get it, some got it, and some never will!


Episode 10.10 "The Day The Music Died"

It's a brand new day! Horizons are opening up for everyone - Rory is considering a different path, Michel has to decide between new job targets and old business ties, and a very familiar face in Stars Hollow might be pulling up roots and leaving. Meanwhile, Luke and Lorelai are so worried about Ellie's next steps that they consider a little light breaking and entering. It's all so epic that we want to start singing, but unfortunately this might be the day the music dies.