Virtual Gilmore Season 8: It's Not Over!


Episode 8.01 "Into the Great Wide Open"

Rory's on her way out into the world and Lorelai's adjusting herself to life in a world without her daughter by her side.  While Lorelai spends some quality time with Luke, Rory spends her first day on the job at a Quality Inn, and doesn't get quite what she expected.  For both the girls, it's a venture into the great wide open.




Episode 8.02 "Nice Boys Bring You Coffee, Good Ones Bring you Home"

Rory's coping with unexpected criticism from her editor and Lorelai is dodging continued calls from Emily, but both girls find a bright spot in new relationships.  Lorelai is slowly starting over with Luke, while Rory's making a friend on the road.  The girls agree: nice boys bring you coffee, good ones bring you home!




Episode 8.03 "Whoa, Nellie!"

A visit from April leads to tension between Luke and Lorelai, Sookie and Michel come to blows at the inn, and Emily and Richard vent to Lorelai about their lack of contact from Rory.  But their granddaughter has other things on her mind -- like an unhappy editor, an unfriendly colleague, and an unexpected twist in a new friendship.  Whoa, Nellie!




Episode 8.04 "Toothpaste and Townies and Twinkies, Oh My!"

Rory's trying to escape her problems with Patrick by avoiding him, while back in Stars Hollow, Lane is finding Zach always underfoot.  Lorelai watches over the Belleville clan as Jackson and Sookie rush to the hospital to welcome a new member, but the unexpected babysitting job brings up some important questions.  What results is a tale of toothpaste and townies and twinkies, oh my!




Episode 8.05: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Lorelai is home alone while Luke is off to New Mexico to visit April. Rory spends her birthday in the birthplace of our nation, and catches up with an old friend while she's there. Neither girl is having an easy time, but hey, it's always sunny in Philadelphia!




Episode 8.06: "How Rory Got Her Groove Back"

Stars Hollow is buzzing as Kirk solicits advice about a very special plan for Lulu.  Meanwhile, Luke is frustrated by lack of time with his girlfriend, but she's dealing with craziness at the inn in Sookie's absence.  While Lorelai is feeling overwhelmed, Rory is starting to find her feet, both with her writing and her colleagues.  Perhaps it's finally time that Rory got her groove back?




Episode 8.07: "Freakin' Happy and Relaxed"

Rory makes an embarrassing mistake on an article that sends her into a panic.  Good thing she has an equally-stressed Paris to talk some sense into her.  All the time Lorelai and Emily are spending together is starting to take its toll, and Richard is feeling neglected as plans for the spa project spin out of control.  There's a whole lotta pressure on everyone, which must be why they're all so freakin' happy and relaxed!



Episode 8.08 "We Gather Together"

It's Thanksgiving in Stars Hollow, and for once everyone is having the event in their own homes. Lane takes another step into adulthood as she hosts for the first time, while Luke and Lorelai attempt to bring their extended families together. Snow falling on Chicago puts a damper on Rory's plans to return to Stars Hollow, but amid colleagues and friends she has a happy holiday after all. Gather together and enjoy a Gilmore Thanksgiving, complete with food, fights, and maybe even a game of bagel hockey.



Episode 8.09 "Home Is Where the Heart is"

Luke and Lorelai attend the Gilmore's annual holiday party and Luke ends up fitting in better than he expected.  Sookie is back at work, leaving a struggling Jackson home with the kids.  A visit to a busy newsroom and a call from someone in her past cause Rory to further question her work on the campaign trail and long a little more for Stars Hollow.  Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is starting to realize that home is where the heart is.



Episode 8.10 "The More, the Merrier"

It's Christmastime, and Lorelai and Luke have a full house.  Rory is finally home, April is visiting, and the Gilmore girls have a busy schedule for Christmas Eve.  As they travel from living room to living room spreading their cheer, a family crisis for Sookie and Jackson complicates everyone's holiday -- but hey, the more the merrier, right?



Episode 8.11 "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!"

Luke and Lorelai are still taking care of the Belleville kids, and everyone around them is hinting that they might be ready for something more.  After her secret resignation from work, Rory is still at home, dodging questions from her family and trying to find a way to fit back into Stars Hollow life.  When Lorelai gets suspicious and Rory gets evasive, tensions rise until both Gilmore girls are just about ready to shout mayday, mayday, mayday!



Episode 8.12 "I Like Celine, Do You Like Celine?"

This week in Stars Hollow, everyone is trying to have a heart to heart with someone. Luke feels so pushed from the hints of others that he starts an important conversation with Lorelai, Rory needs to tell her grandparents she quit her job, and Kirk tries his very best to convince Luke to play a very special role in his wedding.  Even Michel is getting into the act, although perhaps his opening line could use some work: "I Like Celine, Do You Like Celine?"



Episode 8.13 "The Reverend, The Rabbi, and Mrs. Kim"

Stars Hollow is joining together to celebrate the union of two of its most colourful citizens.  Kirk and Lulu are finally tying the knot!  However, all is not happily ever after, as Luke and Lorelai struggle with the aftermath of his hasty proposal, Rory deals with feelings of inadequacy in her relationship with Lane, and Kirk runs into a religious conflict with his mother.  In the face of all this, an (un)holy trio is formed; coming to the rescue are the Reverend, the Rabbi, and Mrs. Kim!



Episode 8.14 "Moving Forward, Standing Still"

It's a tough week for Rory as she works at the Dragonfly while trying to figure out what her next move will be. The arrival of Paris and Doyle puts extra pressure on her, and more stress is added when Luke and Lorelai make a big decision in their relationship.  Even Lane is making changes in her life, with band practices starting up again. It feels like people all around Rory are moving forward, but she's just standing still.



Episode 8.15 "Sticks and Stones"

Stars Hollow is in an uproar as Taylor is taken ill, leaving the townies to their own devices.  Meanwhile, Lorelai is getting ready to welcome Luke permanently into her home, and Rory is dealing with a rather unwelcome Christopher as he voices his disapproval over her decision to quit her job.  She needs someone to remind her that it's only sticks and stones that hurt you.




Episode 8.16 "It's Finally Ticking!"

Stars Hollow is gearing up for yet another celebration as Kwan and Steve have their first birthday.  Everyone is on a tight schedule, as Rory helps to arrange the party, Lorelai considers some important offers for the Dragonfly, and Kirk starts worrying about his own family planning.  Time is ticking quickly for them all!




Episode 8.17 "Parental Discretion Advised"

Rory has gone back to work - all over Stars Hollow - and it's making her mother uneasy about her seeming lack of direction. April is back in town and suddenly Luke has a teenager on his hands, complete with a new layer of makeup and a whole lotta attitude. And over in Hartford, Emily and Richard are exploring new social spheres. We're not trying to scare you away, but for this episode, parental discretion is advised!



Episode 8.18 "Forty is the New Forty"

It's celebration time once again as Lorelai turns forty. Emily and Luke clash while planning her surprise party, and Rory is too preoccupied to mediate as she begins to have second thoughts about her article. Everyone in Stars Hollow is quick to comment and commiserate about Lorelai's advancing age, but the birthday girl herself doesn't seem too worried. Hey, forty is the new forty, after all!



Episode 8.19 "Branching Out, Eh?"

Stars Hollow is (mostly) back to the status quo. Luke and Lorelai are still recovering from her birthday party, Rory's trying to get somewhere with her career, and Taylor has finally found a formidable opponent, in Emily Gilmore. Meanwhile, it looks like there will be a few branches added to the Stars Hollow family tree...




Episode 8.20 "On Location"

Hollywood has come to Stars Hollow, and it's making the whole town crazy. Taylor's trying to assert his authority over the production, Lorelai's attempting to keep peace at the Dragonfly and Rory's plotting ways to get inside and ask questions for an article. Unfortunately, none of them are having very much success. Perhaps this wasn't the best place to go on location?




Episode 8.21 "The Glitter Vests at the End of the Tunnel"

It's all about the spa this week, as Emily and Lorelai spend their time on last minute plans and preparations. Sookie is feeling left out of the process, but Luke and Rory are happy to be keeping their distance. Luke's more concerned with spending quality time with Lorelai, and Rory is stressing about her article. However, Richard is getting involved, as he offers the services of his barbershop quartet for the party. Thank goodness they're all starting to finally see the glitter vest at the end of the tunnel!



Episode 8.22 "It's All Over But the Crying"

The Dragonfly spa is premiering to great fanfare, and everyone is coming together to celebrate. Rory's having her own success with the publishing of her article, but is already starting to plan for the next one. Emily is realizing her time on the project is almost over, Richard is trying hard to bring Rory's article to an even bigger audience, and Michel might have a little crush on a new spa worker. In the spirit of a true finale, there's even a surprise mystery guest! It's all over but the crying, but the Gilmore girls are busy and happy as they look forward to new beginnings.